John and I had a second wedding ceremony on November 24, 2002. This one was a Jewish ceremony, whereas our civil ceremony was performed by a Justice of the Peace. I was raised Jewish and my culture is very important to me. John, the wonderful man that he is, understands this.

The Scarsdale-Tremont Synagogue - Scarsdale, NY

For my bridal shower, a friend of the family gave us a hand painted ketubah (you can see how personalized it actually is by the fact that (1) it's purple; and (2) it has a happy mousie couple in the bottom left corner!!! :). A ketubah is a marriage contract.

Signing the katubah

click here for a larger picture of the katubah

Ours says this in English:

On the 19th day of the month of Kislev in the year 5763 corresponding to the 24th day of November in the year 2002, here in Scarsdale, New York, we Jody Match and John Cross entered into the holy covenant of marriage and made this pledge:

We unite in love to comfort and to care for one another. We affirm our commitment to support each other as we meet the joys and challenges of life and we pledge to respect one another's strengths and abilities. In our home, family and friends will find laughter and warmth. "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." Set me as a seal upon your heart. With these rings we consecrate our love for one another as husband and wife.

The ceremony was beautiful. The rabbi had given us "homework" to do. We were given questions to answer separately about different aspects of marriage and each other. We then gave the rabbi the answers and he incorporated them into the ceremony itself. We didn't hear the ceremony till we were standing under the makeshift chuppah.

The ceremony

If you would like to read the ceremony, I transcribed it over here.

....and a few more pictures:

Thank you jim, my brother-in-law-in-law, for all the images!!!!

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